Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter's First Freeze

The National Weather Service is predicting a hard freeze tonight with a low of 28 degrees and a wind chill down in the low 20s or high teens. If you haven't protected your outside faucets and sensitive plants, today is the day to get it done. Consider leaving a slow drip at the faucet furthest from where water enters your house to prevent pipes from freezing. If you're stacking wood by your house, be sure to leave a 3-6 inch gap to keep insects from migrating from the wood to your house.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Water Supply Corp Increases Watering Restrictions

Effective immediately, the Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation has instituted a Once per Week Watering Schedule. Water corp members may irrigate outdoors using an in-ground irrigation system or hose-end sprinkler no more than once per week only during scheduled days and times as indicated below:

Odd number addresses: Wednesday
Even number addresses: Thursday
Commercial (including HOA common areas): Tuesday

Watering hours are midnight to 10:00am and 7pm to midnight.

Questions about the new policy can be forwarded to the Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation at 512.858-7897.


Hays County Judge Bert Cobb, MD, and Fire Marshal Mark Chambers have announced a temporary lift of the burn ban due to rain and some greening of grass due to recent showers. The burn ban is lifted immediately and is expected to last until authorities determine that conditions warrant reinstating it. The rain is expected to be a temporary relief, and that dry conditions will return quickly.

Chambers cautioned those who decide to burn to be extremely cautious, as there is still potential for fires to easily get out of control. “Never leave a fire unattended, even for a few minutes,” he said. “Always keep a source of water close at hand.”

Post courtesy of DS Babble.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Film Night - One for the Records

Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and organizers, Fall Film Night was a huge success.! Close to a dozen volunteers showed up to repair the picnic tables, clean and install lights, store the pool furniture and finish the pool renovations. The real treat, though, was the 60+ neighbors that made Film Night a roaring success (see the short picture album below).

Special thanks to Simon Petty for keeping Volunteer Day on schedule,  Susan Ferno, Donna Williamson and Leslie Bradshaw for organizing Film Night, Ruth Ann Tanton for keeping the logistics simple and Gene Fojtik (the Master Chef) for making sure the burgers and dogs were hot and plentiful!

Here are a few memories ...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Freeze Warning

The National Weather Service issued the first freeze warning for the Hill Country today. In addition to protecting plants, neighbors may need to insulate exposed sprinkler cutoff valves or face frozen sprinkler lines when the cold weather actually arrives.

Local building practices leave a sprinkler shutoff valve exposed to the elements. While the valves and exposed piping are somewhat insulated, many neighbors found that the valves and pipes freeze and split during the first hard freeze. It sometimes takes 3-6 inches of insulation to protect the exposed lines.

 Consider protecting exposed sprinkler valves when you cover your outside faucets and remember that, when a hard freeze is expected, a dripping faucet in the house can avoid emergency plumbing expenses this winter.