Friday, November 30, 2012

UPDATE - Broken Lance Culvert Grading Begins November 30

Due to an equipment issue, the street construction on Broken Lance is now scheduled to begin on Monday, December 2. Please check back for more updates.
City officials notified the Hidden Springs Ranch Board that crews will be working on Broken Lance beginning Friday, November 30. The eastbound lane will be partially – or completely – closed to protect the construction crew.
The culvert along the north and east side of Broken Lance will be graded to reestablish storm water flow into the creek. Construction will take place both east and west of Silver Hawk Court, on the south side of the street.
The intersection of Broken Lance and Lone Wolf Court is especially subject to limited sight lines. Members are asked to use extra caution while the construction is underway.
Questions about this announcement may be forwarded to the HOA Administrator or to any board member.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

UPDATE - Construction and Cleanup Underway

Cleanup activities began on Monday, November 12, in the Hidden Springs Ranch common areas and should be complete by Friday, November 16. Dead trees are being felled and removed and the underbrush is being cleared from the walking path and surrounding areas where it crosses Broken Lance.

In addition, the Broken Lance culvert will be graded to reestablish draining down to the creek beginning Monday, November 19. Members are asked to exercise additional caution near the Silver Hawk and Lone Wolf intersections while the construction and cleanup activities are underway.

Questions about this announcement may be forwarded to the HOA administrator or any board member.

Wallet Found!

A wallet was found on Thursday, November 15, at the corner of Broken Lance and Meadows Lane. To claim the wallet, please call the Grace Family at 512.829-4907 and provide a description of the wallet and contents.

Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Fall Festival a Neighborhood Success

Thanks to the efforts of a lot of our friends, the 2012 Fall Festival was a fun time for Hidden Springs Ranch families. With thanks to everyone who showed up for Volunteer Day, new pavilion lights were installed and the benches were painted in time to be used for the festivities. The board especially wishes to thank Leslie Bradshaw for coordinating the event, Carla Hammers for the terrific Tex-Mex fare, and Ruth Ann Tanton for the wonderful pictures.

Rough counts suggest that between 60 and 70 neighbors showed up for food and fun. The festival began at 5:30 with food and a bouncy castle for the kids, followed by ‘Despicable Me’ just after dusk.

Here are a few photos of the events – enjoy!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boil Water Notice Does NOT Affect Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs Ranch members learned that the Dripping Springs Water Supply Corp issued a ‘boil water’ notice for the Spring Lake and North 40 subdivisions along Ranch Road 12. A water main break near the north standpipe resulted in the notice, which DOES NOT affect Hidden Springs Ranch members.

Questions about this notice can be forwarded to the Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation at 512.858-7897.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

BALLOT– Common Area Tree Clearing

Walking Path North of Broken Lance
A large number of trees, located in the common area north of Broken Lance at the creek crossing, succumbed to last year’s record heat and drought. Many of these trees are creating both fire hazards and safety issues for members using the walking path.
The Hidden Springs Ranch Board of Directors solicited bids for the removal of the dead trees and brushy fuels from the common area. The work is expected to cost $4,200 – money that will be drawn from the HOA surplus.
Please take a moment to complete the Neighborhood Ballot indicating whether you wish to raise alternatives to the board before the work is contracted. If you have an alternative you wish the board to consider, please contact the HOA Administrator or any board member by 12:00PM on Monday, November 6.