Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bus Stop Update

The tree pruning is complete and the school has informed us that the bus stop will be moved to the pavilion parking lot as of Monday, January 23.  In order to facilitate the change, parents should remember the following:
  1. ANY PARENTS WAITING WITH THEIR CHILDREN MUST PARK IN THE INTERIOR SPACES OF THE PAVILION PARKING LOT DURING PICK-UP (7:00AM-8:15AM) AND DROP-OFF (3:00PM-5:00PM). The bus will use the outer spaces as a lane to turn around in the parking lot. The HOA is currently soliciting bids to re-stripe the parking lot and highlight the bus lane and parking.
  2. The HOA will be installing a bike rack so that children wishing to ride to the pavilion can leave their bikes in a secure location. The HOA cannot be responsible for any bikes left on the property. Please only secure bikes to the bike rack and not to the posts, tables, fence or other pavilion structures. Bikes that are improperly stored may be removed, without further notice and at the owner's expense, to prevent damage to HOA property.

In addition, the HOA could use one or two 'bus monitors', at least for the first few days, to ensure the parents only park in the interior spaces. If you can help out, please contact the HOA board or administrator.

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