Sunday, April 8, 2012

HSR Welcomes New Board and Approves 2012 Assessment

The Hidden Springs Ranch Homeowners Association approved the 2012 annual assessment and elected the 2012 board of directors during the Annual Meeting on March 24. Following the budget committee's recommendation, the 2012 assessment was approved at the 2011 levels ($750 per lot). The budget committee also noted that anticipated expenses will exceed ordinary income in 2012 and assessments will almost certainly need to be raised in 2013.

Members also elected a new board of directors. Leslie Bradshaw, Ted Eaves, Gene Fojtik, Roger Grace, Carla Petersen and Simon Petty have been elected to the board. Officers and committee chairs will be elected at the April 2012 board meeting on Monday, April 8, at the 6:30PM general session of the HOA board (see the HOA calendar for more details).

The board also thanks departing board members Susan Ferno and Donna Williamson for their service to the neighborhood in 2012. Donna was the HOA Secretary and Susan not only chaired the Communications and Social committee, she has maintained the community bulletin board for several years.

Questions about the annual meeting, committees and neighborhood plans can be forwarded to the Board of Directors or the HOA Administrator.

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