Saturday, June 2, 2012

Neighborhood Pool

Summer is here and the Hidden Springs Ranch Board of Directors welcomes all members in good standing, and their guests, to take advantage of the pavilion and swimming pool.
No lifeguard is on duty at the pool; while a number of safety improvements have been made to pool equipment, members use the pavilion, pool and common areas at their own risk and are expected to adhere to neighborhood rules and policies regarding the use of common facilities. If you’d like a refresher on neighborhood rules, please see the Hidden Springs Ranch Community Facilities Rules.

Please be aware that a 3-4 foot snake, believed to be a water moccasin, or cottonmouth, was sited and killed in the swimming pool shrubs. No other snakes were seen, but members should be cautious and closely monitor their children while using the pool, pavilion and other common areas. The board recommends that you DO NOT attempt to deal with snakes on your own. Contact the HOA Administrator, any board member or simply call the Hays County Sheriff’s office at 512.393-7896 and have them deal with the snake.

Also, please be aware that the pavilion emergency phone, together with other pool-side equipment, was recently rendered inoperative. A new phone has been ordered, and a temporary phone has been installed and tested to confirm access to Hays County Emergency Services (dial 9-1-1). The permanent emergency phone should be installed by Wednesday, June 6. In the event the temporary phone is rendered inoperative, the board will have no option but to close the pool until the permanent phone can be installed.

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