Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Neighbors Concerned about Walking Path Damage and Safety

Motorized bikes and carts are damaging the HOA walking path and raising safety concerns among Hidden Springs Ranch residents. Damage has already disrupted the path surface to the point that repairs will be required and is most obvious where the walking path extends the Lone Wolf Court cul-de-sac to Shadywood Lane, a section that is frequently used by walkers and children.
The HOA Board of Directors wants to remind all of our members that, under Paragraph 17 of the Hidden Springs Ranch Community Facility Rules,

“No motorized vehicles (i.e. golf cart, go cart, motorcycle, etc.) are permitted on the jogging trail/walking path at any time.”

Members are urged to council family and friends to stay off the walking path (see image, courtesy of Google) when they are riding/operating motorized vehicles. While the objective of the board is to enforce HOA policies in an amicable manner, violations may result in notices, fines and/or loss of use of neighborhood amenities as outlined in the HOA’s Enforcement and Fine Policy.

Questions about this notice may be forwarded to any board member or the HOA administrator.

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