Saturday, August 13, 2011

'Suspicious' Fires Burn 30 Acres Here in Dripping Springs

Brush fires broke out Friday in Dripping Springs just before 2:30pm Friday. 20-30 acres and several residences were endangered, prompting Hays county emergency teams to evacuate homes along Sports Park Road and at Terry's Mobile Home Park near Highway 290 and RR 12. North Hays Fire Department, assisted by the Wild Land Task Forces One and Three, South Hays VFD, Star Flight, and Oak Hill FD, coordinated efforts to fight the fire.

"We had a cluster of about four fires come in all at once within about a 5-6 mile area of this location," said David Griffin, the North Hays Fire Department Battalion Chief.

Asked if so many fires at the same time indicates arson, Griffin said:

"It definitely raises the question. The Hays County Fire Marshall's Office is going to look into that and make the determination in the next few days, whether they were intentionally set, accidental or somehow related.

How Can We Help?
While there were no injuries or damage to residences, all Hidden Springs residents are urged to comply with the Fuels Abatement Policy, published July 13, 2011, to minimize fire risks in the neighborhood.

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Questions about this post, or the Fuels Abatement Policy, can be forwarded to the HOA Administrator ( or Board (

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